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FOR SALE: Quality Hi Temp Garlock industrial sheet gasket, 1/16” and 1/32” thickness, sold by the square foot.  F/M Dishpan flywheels/crank. Associated base with bearing caps, fits Chore Boy and Hired Man/Hand, will need new babbit. Wisconsin parts: gas tank, 2 cylinder jug, V4 gasket set, V4 flywheel etc., contact me with what you need. Circular saw arbor with flywheel and saw blade. Thanks! Joe Kelley 862-2074

FOR SALE: Flat belt material, asst widths and lengths. Oak for engine skids. FMI Bob Meixell 882-5440

FOR SALE: International M parts: 1½, 3 & 6 HP, FMI call, Alec Stevens 939-8764

FOR SALE: Six foot sickle bar mower fits Allis Chalmers tractor CA $275 OBO Gary Willison 642-2430

FOR SALE: 1930 Model A Ford jitterbug long time inside storage $850.00. 1930 factory built Smith Model A Ford air compressor, great for your sand blaster $2000.00
contact: Dale Watson email:  (cell) 207-399-0437

FOR SALE or TRADE: toward Famous Engines/Parts
Contact Rick Gilbert
5-8 hp Fairmont rr engine, 2.5 hp Faultless, Cushman 1.5 hp, Wade log saw 4 hp ?,  John Deere 1.5 model E
3 hp Fairbanks morse with mag, 5 hp Sattley, 5 hp Maynard, 1 round hopper Friend engine, 1 square hopper Friend engine,
1 nice arbor with pillow blocks, older style to make a cord wood saw.


WANTED: Governor parts for an 8HP Headless Witte. Clapboard planer any condition. Tim Mayberry 787-4113

WANTED: Small brass radiator, approx 15″ by 15″, a little bigger one way or the other is OK. Hugh Durgin

WANTED: If you have a Knox engine and would like to know when it was made and some technical information about it, send me a photo and the name tag information including the serial number. If it doesn’t have a name tag on it, send me photos of the front, back, sides, and the top and I can give you the approximate date of manufacture and approximate serial number and some technical information. Hugh Durgin (contact info above)

WANTED: I would like to see a photo of the motorized scows used in the log drives on the Kennebec river 1920-1945 and the Penobscot river log drives. Hugh Durgin

WANTED: Model gas engine (no kits).Will trade for full size engines. Dennis Cowdrey

WANTED: A set of usable steel number/letter stamps in the old style fonts in sizes of 1/8″, 5/32″, or 3/16″. Hugh Durgin

WANTED: Crank guard for a 2 ½ HP DeLaval. Contact Allen Boone. Email address:

WANTED: International Famous 3HP Upright, any condition and/or parts. Contact Rick Gilbert (207) 623-1416.

WANTED: Cider Mill Parts: Yoke/screw/handwheel and hand cranked mechanism. Preferably in good condition. Contact Bruce Bowden (207) 356-5076.

WANTED:  Tool chests, tool shelves and bins for MAPA building in Skowhegan.  A great size for shelves/bins would be no more than 36″ wide, no more than 60′” tall.  However, I can adjust them to make it work.  Bring with you (no junk please) to Cumberland meet on 8 October 2016 or to dinner meeting on 19 November 2016 and give to Gary Willison.

WANTED: Thread-on carb for an R14 2HP Cushman cub. Ivan Beaudoin

WANTED: Flywheel (non governor side) for a 6HP IHC M. Also interested in a parts engine if price is reasonable. John Hilton 380-7435 email:

WANTED: Webster Style L 3 magnet magneto. Contact Tom Stephens

WANTED: Maine Antique Power Assn., is in need of a head for a 6HP IHC M (spark plug model). The engine that we use to run the buzz saw in Skowhegan has a cracked head. If you have one (with no cracks) please contact me! Thanks, Joe

WANTED: Head for a 2 1/2 Economy S. Contact Ron Winship 892-0163.