Gift Shop

MAPA T-shirts S-XL, with embroidered logo on front $13.00 each. XXL $15.00 each.

MAPA Sweatshirts S – XXL $18.00 each.

MAPA Denim long sleeve shirts with embroidered logo. S – XXL $25.00 each.

MAPA Jackets with embroidered logo. Waterproof, Lined. S – XXL $50.00 each. (Special Order) Names $5.00 extra.

MAPA Embroidered hats summer/winter $12.00 each.

MAPA Ceramic mugs $5.00 each.

MAPA Golf shirt with embroidered logo $20.00 each.

MAPA Bumper stickers $4.00 each.

MAPA Window stickers $3.00 each.

MAPA Embroidered patches (Members Only) $2.25 each.

MAPA Solid cast brass belt buckles $23.00 each.

** If you want any of the above items mailed, please add postage to your check.

Please make checks payable to MAPA Inc. and mail to:

Pat Kelley, Treasurer
Maine Antique Power Assn.
25 Wessnette Drive
Hampden, ME 04444-3015